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Our brand, Givvo

We understand how essential it is for fruits and vegetables to remain fresh and safe for consumption. That is why Givvo is created to convey our commitment to our customers. Every product that bears Givvo brand is sourced from our network of farms and carefully selected by our own people. The result is a product so fresh that it is as good as picking it from your own farm. Givvo We farm for you

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Grand Opening
It was a colourful landscape of hustle-and-bustle on 7 October 2006 as Hu Lee Impex witnessed the launch of its 80,000 square feet factory at Chin Bee Avenue replete with international cold room standards and cutting-edge machineries imported from Europe. Lending his empowering presence to this milestone event was Mr. S Iswaran, Singapore’s Minister of State for Trade and Industry. Coupled with a zesty lion dance performance and a kaleidoscope of fanfare to round off the day, this opening ceremony certainly marked an auspicious beginning for Hu Lee Impex to scale greater heights in the near future.

New Subsidiary – Cultured Greens
New Subsidiary “Cultured Greens” - Targeting consumer markets with a tantalising array of salads and other wholesome delights made from fresh fruits and vegetables processed at Hu Lee Impex, Cultured Greens is an extension of Hu Lee Impex’s business-to-consumer arm and has an appetising appeal for the modern urbanite who is drawn to healthy snacks in sleek and convenient packaging.

An Organic Partnership
Upping its notch on environmental friendliness, Hu Lee Impex has embarked on a new partnership with Tontor, a fresh produce company located in Shandong province in China that churns out an array of premium greens and fruits, most notably its juicy pears that are certified organic by the USDAC. Its commitment to delivering only the freshest and crispiest quality fits perfectly with Hu Lee Impex’s ceaseless pursuit of excellence, especially where Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is concerned.

This strategic partnership marks another major step forward for Hu Lee Impex in its regional expansion plans and will go a long way to accentuate Hu Lee Impex’s repertoire both in terms of its wider and more exotic array of produce and also its dedication to total service management that promises value-added distinctiveness to both its corporate clients and final customers alike.